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Trader Tactics is a trading and investing education company.


Ryan Watkins is the Founder of Trader Tactics and he is an active professional trader. That means his primary source of income is through trading, not selling courses, books, etc.

Ryan started investing at the age of eighteen. He invested $2,500 in 1993 into Dell Computer and enjoyed one of the strongest bull markets in the history of the US stock market. He would cash out of portions of Dell as it went higher and buy other technology companies like Yahoo, CMGI, AOL, E-Trade, Cisco Systems and many more high-flying tech stocks. 

During the mid and late 1990s, his account grew far more than his biggest expectations due to the explosive bull market in technology. He thought making money was so easy he decided to commit himself fully into this trading profession. He spent a lot of money, effort and time learning how to trade and invest. He joined one of the largest proprietary trading floors in Irvine, CA called Momentum Securities  during 1999 & 2000, learning the details of trading as well as the emotional and psychological aspects of trading. 

During that time, he was becoming educated and developing his skill, but it did not come soon enough. Shortly after that the “Tech Crash” came in 2000, his account went down with it. Not being able to see the changing in trend or shorting markets and of course a lack of experience and lack of discipline when the market went down were all major factors. He lost most of his gains in his investment account as well as his confidence to trade.

To make matters worse he lost over 90% of his day trading account by breaking several major rules. He logically knew not to make the mistakes, but he did it anyway due to emotional rollercoaster that often troubles traders. He knew trading could be done properly if he just knew how to do it right, with emotional discipline. If he learned the right way and followed the instructions, it would be possible to prosper in trading. 

Rededicated, he spent many long days and nights learning how to trade actively. Learning from the best traders he could find during that era and other eras. He took as many courses and classes he could, reading books, internet blogs, self-teaching, practicing through skill development drills, studying and analyzing his own trades and more.

It wasn’t until his own father gave him the advice of writing his own book so he would fully understand and be able to put it all together in an organized way did he fully “get it”. 

He calls this “coming out of the fog”, meaning there is so much information on trading and investing out there that it is so overwhelming to new traders and leads to so many mistakes and tremendous frustration. Once the information was sorted out and that what was essential was prioritized, the rest was discarded, which led to the coming out of the information fog and into the clear sky of understanding, Hallelujah!

It also helped him to develop the “One Page Trade Plan” that makes trading significantly easier to understand and be able to focus only of what is of the greatest importance.

Ryan’s teaching has reached tens of thousands of traders and investors over the years and he has won several industry awards for his method of instruction. His teaching has been in multiple venues, including CNBC, The, Trader’s Magazine, multiple radio and internet broadcasts and much more. He was also contracted by leading trading educational companies of that time, Online Trading Academy and StockAbility to develop several of their courses and Live Trading Rooms for them. He also was contracted to train their instructors teaching methods and trading methods. He has personally mentored many other trading coaches/instructors and continues to be a leader in the industry.

Ryan’s trading and investing knowledge is truly vast but narrowed down to what is most important. He has developed his knowledge and skills for over 28 years and to create a legacy for his children and future generations he started Trader Tactics. His business and entrepreneurship background led him to creating a website and business that makes available all his trading knowledge and skill development while being all moderately priced for the everyday, average trader and investor.


Ryan primarily Swing Trades as his trading style and he also manages long term investment accounts for his family’s retirement and growth accounts that consistently outperform the industry benchmarks in both growth and risk adjusted returns. 

He is married to his best friend and the “woman of his prayers” and they have three young children. When he is not working, he enjoys “cooking it up” in the kitchen with his 5 year old daughter who is his little chef, hiking, reading, going to church and gardening, although he has not yet won the gardening battle with the squirrels, as they continue to confiscate his tomatoes. 


Trader Tactics is a training and education company, not a sales company.  We know who we are and our purpose for doing it!  In some form or another, we trade and or invest as our primary sources of wealth growth or income, so we do not focus on product sales. We focus on trading.  In other words, we trade, we teach!  What Trader Tactics wants to do is share our knowledge, train you up so you may prosper.  We believe if we can train up a team of highly skilled traders, they can do good things with that income or wealth for current and future generations. 


 Proverbs says: “A good man leaves an inheritance to his son's sons, but the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.” Proverbs 13:22 LITV

That is what we are trying to do, not just plan for financial wants or needs now, but to give you an opportunity to build up an inheritance for your future generations. We want to teach you a skill (trading/investing) that will have an impact for generations.  


Trader Tactics believes there is a better way to trade. A big part of that belief comes in the form of a well thought out, proven learning process. When learning to trade & invest, a trader needs to learn three primary factors; 

1. Specialized Knowledge

2. Skill Development

3. Emotional Control

In order to successfully learn all three factors a very deliberate trading & investing process must be used.

Trader Tactics believes that “Training” is more important than “Education”.  Every good trader needs both, but with training, a trader can truly progress through the learning curve and achieve real actionable skills.  This is at the heart of Trader Tactics. 

Our process is simple and robust:

1) Learn what you need to know (Specialized Education). To many times traders try to learn everything they can about trading, rather than only what they need to know.  This saves time and gives a trader focus so they learn only what matters the most.  Our self paced courses allow you to pick what is most important to you and not be forced to learn everything.

2) Train like a champion (Skill Development).  If you want to achieve the results you want, ask yourself, are you training to achieve it or just “interested” in getting your results.  Think about a professional boxer or any athlete.  The best of the best train hard, train smart, train with deliberate purpose.  This is especially important because this is where the skill development happens.  Focus on skill development, it is critical!

3) Master your emotions (Emotional Control). This is one of the most difficult parts of trading.  People do not realize how much their own emotions factor in on their trading.  Mastering your thought habits is absolutely critical in trading. It also, for most traders, takes the longest.  Many traders do not achieve their results for many months or even years.  Yes, we said years!  Are you ready to put in years worth of dedication into learning this skill?  Let’s be blunt, most traders fail, and the traders that do make it go though a very difficult learning curve, many even blow out their trading account before they become successful.  Did we scare you away yet?  If not, you already have enough persistence to get though some hard learning curve.  If those statements do scare you away, then it is best to learn some other skill that is easier, as you likely would have quit at some point anyway. 


Why are we saying this?  Why are we deliberately trying to warn you and even make to run away from purchasing our training and education?  Simple, because it is the right thing to do!  We will never try to “sell you” taking our education or training.  We want to work with the most committed traders willing to get great results.  So please understand, if you are just wanting to trade as a hobby, we are not for you, if you want to trade and not willing to put in the hard work to get results over possible long periods of time, we are not for you. When you are truly ready to commit, we are here for you!