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Professional Testimonials from trading & investing students
  • Ryan is an absolutely awesome teacher who cares deeply for his student's success. He is a very compassionate human being. Looking forward to become his student again!

    Sudheer R

  • Ryan trained me and a group of other traders. It was immediately obvious that his knowledge of equity markets was both broad and deep. His strategies were easily imparted, technically sound, and reflected a person who is not only immersed in market and trading research, but someone who actively trades the markets.

    Carrington F.

  • Ryan is one of the best instructors I know. He is very good at breaking things down and explaining them so we can understand complex concepts. His "trading price" series was classic. Maybe he will do them again if enough ask? He trades with the trend but with his methodology, he tends to see trend changes early and gets on board before the masses see them. It is all about the price action on the charts and he is just as entertaining as he is informative. I highly recommend. He knows his stuff

    Dennis W.

  • Ryan is a fantastic instructor on all things trading! He creates simple yet very effective trading strategies. Even though he is very funny, he takes teaching people how to trade very seriously. I took many classes from Ryan both live and online and he always helped my trading. You can see how excited he gets when students are successful and can utilize his teachings. He has a calming and confident method of teaching and would definitely recommend him to both new and seasoned traders. Ryan is the real deal.

    Kim N.

  • Ryan has great skill as a trader and is able to explain trading concepts in a very clear and concise way. Very happy with my results with Ryan!

    Kerry K.

  • Ryan Watkins is the best.

    Gary B.

  • I feel confident in my understanding of the futures markets. Ryan was very responsive to questions and understanding. Very entertaining and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

    Kim N.

  • I have never worked with futures in my life; this was a new experience for me. Ryan taught at a level that helped me understand and give me the confidence to move ahead with futures.

    Randy P.

  • Ryan is an outstanding instructor - expert knowledge, very professional yet down to earth.

    John S.

  • Learned a lot in a pleasant environment. Ryan was great in presentation; his passion is evident in his willingness to answer questions and offer suggestions. Thanks again Ryan.

    Tom C.

  • WOW!!!!! I learned so much this past week. Ryan really made the overwhelming amount of information easy to understand.

    Berline W.

  • Ryan is an awesome teacher. Very, very knowledgeable, entertaining, personable, communicates topics in a way that make them easy to understand and grasp.

    Craig R.

Professional Testimonials from work colleagues
  • I have worked with Ryan for many years. He is an excellent trader, Teacher and mentor. He’s highly capable in every aspect of his professional career.

    Christopher Muldoon

  • I have know Ryan for over 25 years. He is a great man, friend, Husband, and Father. I highly recommend working with him! He knows his stuff and I trust him 100%.

    Travis Robinson

  • Over the last 10 years, I have watched Ryan take people with little to no exposure to the markets and teach them how to trade and invest. Ryan has the ability to patiently describe a complex process and break it down into easily learnable concepts. In addition to being an excellent teacher, he is a true coach, with the ability to inspire and motivate. It is hard to overstate just how effective Ryan educates, and easy to understand why many people look forward to any chance learn from him.

    Anthony De Santis

  • Ryan has a great deal of knowledge, passion, and expertise in trading and investing! He is an effective communicator in explaining his trading strategies while keeping his methodology, and systematic approach simple and easy to follow! His dedication and desire to help others is evident in the way he connects with his students to give them the confidence they need to be successful!

    Lily Meschi

  • It’s rare that you come across such a hard worker who has fun at the same time like Ryan. I worked with him for almost 3 years and he was definitely someone I looked up to in the company. His ability to make sure no one got left behind while he taught helped everyone learn and grow so much, all while keeping his students (and his support) laughing. Anybody would be lucky to learn from and know Ryan.

    Natasha Walters Osborn

  • Ryan has been a friend and colleague for many years. He has vast trading knowledge and is an experienced presenter who makes seemingly difficult concepts easy to understand. Anyone who engages with him to learn how he trades will surely have a stimulating and eye opening exposure to the financial markets. I highly recommend Ryan as a mentor to anyone serious about Trading.

    Bert Antonik

  • A stellar guy with stellar results. Ryan uses fact-based analysis, and after 25+ years has the returns to back up his findings. He'll sit down with you and take the time to go over every question you have and answer every single one in detail. To anyone lucky enough to know Ryan, his honesty and calm-demeanor, with his endless jokes, will make you feel like you've known him for years.

    Chris Ryan

  • Ryan is not only one of the best traders I know and have worked with but he is also a great teacher. If you want to learn to trade for income or manage your portfolio he is the guy! I highly recommend Ryan!!

    Erik Leoni

  • I've known Ryan for 6 years. We meet while I was working at Online Trading Academy. We went from colleagues to admiring peers of high regard. Ryan and I have collaborated on content development and delivery. Ryan's communication skills are exceptional. As a matter of fact, when I started at OTA, trying to learn a new skill set as an educator, Ryan acted as a mentor. I model myself after Ryan's style. Ryan has a command of market knowledge, yet can easily take the most complex subject matters and make it more palatable to the layperson. I would have no reservation and can say with the highest degree of confidence , recommending Ryan as an educator, market technician, and risk manager.

    John Rowland

  • I have worked closely with Ryan & can say with confidence that he has a deep knowledge of the workings of the financial markets. His experience & immense know-how makes him a complete trader. On top of it all, his willingness to go the extra mile for his students to ensure that they succeed, makes him an excellent mentor.
    I would definitely recommend Ryan to anyone who wants to be a successful trader, and can say without hesitation that he is one of few genuine traders who really care for their students.

    Sunil Mangwani

  • It’s my pleasure to offer my recommendation for Ryan. I had the pleasure of having Ryan as an instructor when I was a student of his. He was one of the best instructors I had. Ryan is a great teacher. He explains the concepts in great detail while he shows live examples how to implement the strategies into your trading style. About a year ago, I was lucky enough to work alongside Ryan as his teaching assistant where I got a chance to work with him multiple times a month. Ryan is unbelievably consistent in his approach. He makes the class setting light with his fun personality but also in control with his structure. The amount of knowledge he has for the markets is extraordinary. Hands down one of the better people out there

    Jamie Nedelkov

  • I have worked with Ryan for 10 years. His dedication and knowledge is evident in every project he takes on. Ryan’s enthusiasm and humor, mixed his understanding of the markets is a driving force as a trader and educator.

    Debi Knable

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