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Xccelerate Training Program™

Trading Floor

A Premium Apprenticeship Experience for Serious Traders

Get Personalized Mentorship from a Trading Expert
The centerpiece of our program is four to six months of live 1-on-1 coaching sessions with our founder and trading expert, Ryan Watkins. You'll receive tailored guidance, constructive feedback, deep analysis of your trading, solution to your trading problems and expert insights to help you achieve your trading goals. Our program also includes lifetime access to all of our current and future courses, master classes, and premium content, as well as our exclusive trading communities for life.

Dedicate Yourself to Your Trading Journey
Our program is for serious traders only. You'll be expected to work hard, be accountable, and be dedicated to your trading journey. Ryan will challenge you and keep you motivated, and you'll have direct access to him for any questions or concerns. You will meet with Ryan virtually each week for 75-90 minutes. You will be expected to complete your assignments, lessons and custom-tailored assignment given by your mentor, Ryan.

Exclusive Focus on Swing and Position Trading
Our program is exclusively focused on swing and position trading, providing you with a deep understanding of these strategies and how to execute them successfully.

Invest in Your Trading Future
You'll receive four to six months of 1-on-1 swing and position trading training from a seasoned expert. If you're serious about your trading journey, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take your skills to the next level.

Get in Touch

Ready to take your trading to the next level? Schedule your qualification call today by emailing us at 


*Note: If you are a public figure trading coach, educator or trainer and need this training for yourself (you are not the 1st to ask), your communications with Ryan will remain strictly confidential and will never be shared publicly.  A private alias can be provided to protect your identity in the trading community if needed.


It assists in achieving results faster and shortens the learning curve. It also improves your skills beyond your current level of proficiency. Even the most skilled professionals benefit from coaches, mentors, and training. Personal coaches are used by the world's greatest athletes, including Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Tom Brady, as well as business executives, hedge fund traders, and high-profile personal growth celebrities such as Anthony (Tony) Robbins.


Xccelerate Training Program Testimonies

"I had been trading for several years and had a working trade plan and system that fit me.  The thing I was missing was coaching and accountability.  Ryan provided exactly that with his teaching methods.  He gave us simplistic tools to use so that moving forward on a daily and weekly basis we now know how to simplify, polish, implement and execute our trade plan as well as track and grade ourselves in order to perfect our trade plan.  I am very grateful how he showed me what to focus on in order to continuously Raise the Line.  You can give someone a trading plan or system, but you will never be successful with it unless you put in the work, own the system, and make it yours.  This program was better than any other teaching method I have found in order to get to the next level in trading. 


Final Thoughts:

Attached are 2 snapshots of results and Raising the line for the  9 week session from Oct 14 - Dec 18, 2020.$200 max risk per trade in a live trading account yielded right at $6K (not counting commissions) using only 1 strategy with a 40% win rate and 1.61 current profit factor. 


I know it's not a significant amount of money, but now I know I can continue on and go back to my $500 risk per trade and can still continually raise the line.Looking forward to adding my 2nd strategy to get back on track with my other trading plans. 


Thanks again for everything." 

Brandon Myers

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"This course was great on setting 1 specific trade goal and helping you master it.  Teaching us to stay focus on 1 set up is golden, now I need to master it.  I have found that once I focused on my one set up, other set ups started to connect.  Its been a long time since I found myself excited with my future in trading. This is something I look to teach, educate, or coach others in, especially my own children.  I am passionate about people gaining financial understanding and success, and hope I can lead others someday."


Andrea G.

"Most successful professionals in this world have a coach, athletes, singers, and movie stars.  And to be a successful trader, you should have a coach also.  Ryan's Watkins mentorship program is exactly what I had been looking for.  There are so many learn to trade programs out there but none of them are mentors or coaches on a personal or small group level.   Ryan's program gave a structured system to organize my trade plan, journal, screenshot, and grade each trade.   The weeks spent with Ryan's mentorship have really improved my confidence in my trading and help keep me accountable for placing only trades in my trade plan.   Ryan taught us how to properly analyze each trade taken and how to learn from it.   My trading has really improved throughout this process by Ryan's input and adjustments and gave me a system I can move forward with and keep myself accountable to follow my plan.  Most importantly, Ryan taught me the mindset to accept losses in trading which has made me become a confident and profitable trader."  


Bryan M.

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