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Xccelerate Training Program™

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Xccelerate™ is our Advanced Training Program.

It’s the “We Train” part in our slogan - “We Teach, We Train, We Trade”. 

The Purpose of the Xccelerate Advanced Training & Coaching Program™ is to get you through the learning curve significantly faster than trying to do it on your own. We do this by giving traders specialized skills & advanced knowledge to accelerate them through the learning curve of trading. 

The Xccelerate Training Program comes in two types:

➡️ One on One - Private & Personal for 30 weeks ($30,000)

➡️ Small Group - 3-7 traders for 30 weeks ($8,997)

Next Training starts January 11th, 2022

(Book before January 5th, 2020)

Details below!


It helps achieve results faster; it shortens the learning curve. It also improves your skill beyond your current skill level.  Even the greatest skilled professionals had coaches, mentors, and training.  The greatest athletes of all time, such as, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady or even business executives, Hedge Fund Traders and high-profile personal growth celebrities like Anthony (Tony) Robbins, have personal coaches.




Be ready to conquer your trading goals and not back down.  There is no quit in Xccelerate, so come with a mindset that you will finish what you’ve started. This mindset is a CRITICAL ingredient in your journey to achieve your trading goals.


Be ready to commit a minimum of 5-10 hours each week working on your skills and your trading development drills. This is outside of your normal trading time you already do. Xccelerate™ is a structured training and development program, not a club or meet up group, so we have a high degree of expectation when it comes to your commitment. There are assignments given by the Team Leader, such as reading, record keeping, trade plan development, team building, trader development drills and more.

Bring your own Trading Experience & Education

You must have some form of educational course, class, workshop, etc. you have gone through before signing up for Xccelerate. You will be expected to know basic trading education on your first session of Xccelerate as we will not be teaching the basics or strategy during Xccelerate. You will be expected to know the basics, such as; how to place orders, types of orders, charting, platform use, basic strategies and, how to trade in a basic way. Xccelerate is a Performance Coaching and Training Program, not a teaching/educating you how to trade program.  You are expected to know how to trade already, have a trade setup/strategy to use, and be ready for the next big step of improving your skills to achieve better results.

Computer & Internet Skills

Intermediate computer & internet skills are required.  You will be expected to use the ZOOM  online meeting platform, e-mail, e-mail attachments, website forums and message forums/blogs, your own trading platforms, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), know how to download PDF documents and save them on your computer. Know how to save & send documents through e-mail, upload and download documents from message board and internet links, as well as be willing to learn business communication software such as, Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Xccelerate Training Program Testimonies

"I had been trading for several years and had a working trade plan and system that fit me.  The thing I was missing was coaching and accountability.  Ryan provided exactly that with his teaching methods.  He gave us simplistic tools to use so that moving forward on a daily and weekly basis we now know how to simplify, polish, implement and execute our trade plan as well as track and grade ourselves in order to perfect our trade plan.  I am very grateful how he showed me what to focus on in order to continuously Raise the Line.  You can give someone a trading plan or system, but you will never be successful with it unless you put in the work, own the system, and make it yours.  This program was better than any other teaching method I have found in order to get to the next level in trading. 


Final Thoughts:

Attached are 2 snapshots of results and Raising the line for the  9 week session from Oct 14 - Dec 18, 2020.$200 max risk per trade in a live trading account yielded right at $6K (not counting commissions) using only 1 strategy with a 40% win rate and 1.61 current profit factor. 


I know it's not a significant amount of money, but now I know I can continue on and go back to my $500 risk per trade and can still continually raise the line.Looking forward to adding my 2nd strategy to get back on track with my other trading plans. 


Thanks again for everything." 

Brandon Myers

Brandon's Equity Curve Growth During Training
Screenshot 2021-11-10 071034.png

"This course was great on setting 1 specific trade goal and helping you master it.  Teaching us to stay focus on 1 set up is golden, now I need to master it.  I have found that once I focused on my one set up, other set ups started to connect.  Its been a long time since I found myself excited with my future in trading. This is something I look to teach, educate, or coach others in, especially my own children.  I am passionate about people gaining financial understanding and success, and hope I can lead others someday."


Andrea G.

"Most successful professionals in this world have a coach, athletes, singers, and movie stars.  And to be a successful trader, you should have a coach also.  Ryan's Watkins mentorship program is exactly what I had been looking for.  There are so many learn to trade programs out there but none of them are mentors or coaches on a personal or small group level.   Ryan's program gave a structured system to organize my trade plan, journal, screenshot, and grade each trade.   The weeks spent with Ryan's mentorship have really improved my confidence in my trading and help keep me accountable for placing only trades in my trade plan.   Ryan taught us how to properly analyze each trade taken and how to learn from it.   My trading has really improved throughout this process by Ryan's input and adjustments and gave me a system I can move forward with and keep myself accountable to follow my plan.  Most importantly, Ryan taught me the mindset to accept losses in trading which has made me become a confident and profitable trader."  


Bryan M.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I going to make money after taking the Xccelerate Training Program?

In trading and Investing; there are no guarantees that you, or anyone will make money. Not only is it illegal for someone to guarantee you will make money trading or investing; but that would be untruthful and no one can guarantee success. However, we belive there is a direct correlation to results and persistence in an organized, deliberate training program. So, if your efforts are persistent, that is your best indication of success!

What if I don’t like the Xccelerate Training Program™, can I get my money back?

We do give all traders the option to back out after the 1st coaching/training session, for a 100% money back refund, no questions asked! We want to make sure this is right for you and we know there is a big time commitment involved. After the first session, there will be no refunds as we start quickly training from our proprietary training methods. We realize emergencies happen in life and on a case by case basis, we will work with the trader to reschedule their training if it is necessary.

Is your training certified or accredited?

No, Xccelerate is not a university course or certification class for industry credit. It is a private training & coaching program used to develop trading skills.

Does Trader Tactics offer payment plans for Xccelerate™?

No, not at this time.

What is the pricing?

2021 pricing is as follows: Option # 1: One on One, Personal & Private Performance Coaching & Training: $30,000 USD Option # 2: Small group (3-7 traders) Performance Coaching & Training: $8,997 USD (70% discount) 2022 pricing will be $35,000 for One on One & $9,997 for small group

How do I sign up for the next Xccelerate Training Program™?

Each trader must first be qualified. Fill out the application form below for approval of our next training. If approved, we will inform you how to purchase to training.

How often is the Xccelerate Training Program™ offered?

The first Training starts January 11th, 2021. We strictly limit the amount of trainings and the number and student mentees so there may at times be a waiting list to get into the next start time. Please submit your application as soon as you know you are serious about taking the training so we can accomodate the best training time for you. We purposely keep the classes very small to give the trader more time with the trainer. Each class has a maximum of 7 mentees/students. We do not want to waste your time, our ours, so you must also qualify into the training program, we need to make sure it is a good fit for you (see prerequistes and application).

How Long is The Training Program?

The Training Program has organized, planned and structured lessons, tasks, assignments, specialized learning and advanced training methods. It is specifically structured for 30 weeks during an 8 to 9 month span. We will take up to three weeks during the year for holiday break, not nessesarily consecutive; but all 30 session weeks will be covered during training

What will I learn?

Xccelerate is primarily a Performance Coaching & Skill Development Training Program, not an Education Service. You will certinally learn a lot from our advanced lessons, but we will not be teaching any basic or foundational trading education - You will be expected to know that part already. You are also expected to come with your own trading strategy(ies). Here is a small sample of what you will learn/do: 1) Create an organized Strategic Trading Business Plan (our own template) 2) Create a One Page Actionable Trade Plan (our own template) 3) Understand The "Trinity of Trading" skill development process 4) Skill Development Methods and Drills 5) Problems Solving Methods 6) Accountability 7) Discipline Tactics 8) Mindsets that matter for trading 9) How to significantly increase skill with one tactic 10) A Step-by-Step process to trade your strategy 11) Best practice of Trade Management 12) Advanced Exit Tactics 13) How to analyze your own trading results 14) How to find the weaknesses in your trading 15) How to find your strengths in your trading 16) Building a Trading routine 17) Consistency 18) Clarity 19) Understanding of what you do & how you do it 20) No more amateur trading mindset or results - Becoming a true Professional Trader

How Many Days per Week is the Training

Once per week on Tuesday afternoon/evening

What time commitment is required?

5-7 hours each week on average. Some weeks may only be 2-3 hours and other weeks 5-7 hours, but it should not be more than 7 hour and this training program was designed with busy schedules in mind, so if you work, own a business, full time student, etc.; as long as you can make all or most of the live training sessions and do the assignments, you should be fine.

Xccelerate Training Program™ 
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