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Real-Time Trade Room                (Dynamic Newsletter)

Many traders do not have the experience, knowledge, or time to scan and filter through thousands of stocks to trade.  We do that for you. 


It saves you time and gives you a very high-quality trade candidate to consider trading.

Our trading methods:

Every trader needs to have a statistical advantage, known as an “edge” or “alpha”. We focus on time tested trading methods that have proven to outperform any other known trading and investing method. This has been backed up by trading results, strict testing and observations going back over 200 years in various markets.

We use a proprietary process we call “Edge Stacking”. That basically means we identify proven methods of trading that complement each other and each one has an edge (statistical advantage).  We combine them together to “stack” a large trading edge on top of each other, thus creating a greater positive expected outcome.  

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Our Trading Methods: Evidence based

Seasonality – Certain markets move in seasonal rhythms. Up during a season (period of time), and down the next season. These rhythms are common, and we aim to take advantage of that. Seasonality has been one of the most researched factors in trading and stands above as one of the most reliable trading & investing factors.

Relative Strength -  Over 300 in depth and independent, and peer reviewed research papers and books have been written on this topic, and for good reason.  Strong markets tend to stay strong.  Weak markets tend to stay weak. We want to buy where the money is aggressively pouring into markets and sell short markets where money is quickly flowing out.  We can see this on a chart, and we use a very specific process and a proprietary method to screen, filter, and scan for the best of the best opportunities to take advantage of this.

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Our trading styles:

Swing Trading – Holding time can be days to weeks

Position Trading – Holding times can be weeks to months

Our trading vehicles we use:

Stocks, ETFs, Futures and Options

Our niche:

We focus on Swing & Position trades for the busy trader. 


Meaning most Swing & Position style traders have a busy life (work, kids, businesses, etc.) so by using the Swing & Position trading style they likely will not miss any trades.


Delivery takes place real-time to your e-mail, mobile app or desktop app. 


We also have a custom content e-studio where we add free bonus lessons a detailed User Guide and instruction on how to best use this service.