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One-on-One Consultation

We have been through the struggles of trading, the hard times, the frustrating times, the ups & downs of trading, and we know how to help you get through those difficult times.  Sometimes all it takes is a little motivation, other times it takes a real solution like a trading tactic or a method to overcome a trading rut. Sometimes it takes persistent skill development, other times traders just need someone to help them stay accountable. Often traders just need to hear some words of experience to help get over a hurdle in their trading/investing.

Here are some common examples of what traders go through that we can help with during private consultation:

  1. Trade Plan/Business Plan development

  2. Buying too soon or too late, not at all (scared)

  3. Selling too soon or too early

  4. Confidence to trade (or lack thereof)

  5. Not letting profits run

  6. Trade Management issues

  7. Psychological issues

  8. Risk Management

  9. Structure, routine development & accountability 

  10. Fellowship with other serious, committed traders and investors

  11. Focus on improving skill

  12. Overtrading

  13. Afraid to trade

  14. Impulsive trading

  15. Revenge trading

  16. Missing too many trades

  17. “Chasing” trades

  18. Blowing up account(s)

  19. Rule breaking

  20. Hesitating

  21. Moving Stop Losses too soon (and getting stopped out too soon)

  22. Missing too many “Big Moves”

  23. Discipline (or lack thereof)

  24. Skill, skills, skills – Focusing on Skill Development!

What we will not do during your private consultation:

We will not give financial advice. In other words, we will not tell you or suggest you should buy or sell a position or market. The consultations are educational, and trade or investment solution based in nature, not advice on what market you should buy or sell.

How much does a consultation cost and how long do the sessions last?

$400.00 USD for 60-minute session $250.00 USD for 30-minute session

Who are the private consultations with?

All private consultations are with the Founder of Trader Tactics, Ryan Watkins

Expectations of Consultations:

Is a private consultation right for you? Ryan Watkins is well versed in the major trading and investing markets, but he is not an expert in everything. Here is his expertise level in each market so you can decide if his consultation service is right for you: Problem Solving for Traders: Highest Ability to find Actionable Solutions: Highest Equities (Stocks): Highest Futures Outright: Highest Investing (Passive): Highest Investing (Asset Allocation): Highest Forex: Intermediate Options: Intermediate Crypto Currencies: Lowest You may ask questions, have a trade plan reviewed, have your trades analyzed, or any other trading or investment related topic. In order to get the best experience, please have your questions and all related documents ready. We ask that you send them to Trader Tactics (we will tell you where to send it) after you sign up for a consultation so that Ryan is able to spend time reviewing them before your appointment

Where does the consultation take place?

All private consultations take place online remotely. Trader Tactics will send you instructions of how to log onto the private consultation room.

What do I need?

After purchasing your consultation, please have all digital documents (Trade Plans, Trade Journals, Screen Shots, etc) ready to share via e-mail for Ryan Watkins to review before your scheduled appointment.

Ready to book an appointment?

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