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Xccelerate Training Program™

It’s the “We Train” part in our slogan; “We Teach, We Train, We Trade”. 

The Purpose of the Xccelerate Advanced Training & Coaching Program™ is to get you through the learning curve significantly faster than trying to do it on your own. We do this by giving traders specialized skills & advanced knowledge to accelerate them through the learning curve of trading. 

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Xccelerate™ is our Advanced Training Program. 



Because it helps achieve results faster; it shortens the learning curve. It also improves your skill beyond your current skill level.  Even the greatest skilled professionals had coaches, mentors, and training.  The greatest athletes of all time, such as, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady or even business executive and high-profile personal growth celebrities like Anthony (Tony) Robbins, have personal coaches.



Be ready to conquer your trading goals and not back down.  There is no quit in Xccelerate, so come with a mindset of you will finish what you’ve started. This mindset is a CRITICAL ingredient in your journey to achieve your trading goals.


Be ready to commit a minimum of 5-10 hours / week working on your skills and your trading development drills. This is outside of your normal trading time you do already. Xccelerate™ is a structured training and development program, not a club or meet up group, so we have a high degree of expectation when it comes to your commitment. There are assignments given by the Team Leader, such as reading, record keeping, trade plan development, team building, trader development drills and more.

Must Graduate from the Professional Trading E-Course for Beginners Course

You must have some form of educational course, class, workshop, etc. you have gone through before signing up for Xccelerate. You will be expected to know your education on your first session of Xccelerate as we will not be teaching basics during Xccelerate, so you will be expected to know the basics from our Introduction to Trading for Beginners & Professional Trading E-Course for Beginners first. 

Computer Skills

Intermediate computer & internet skills are required.  You will be expected to use e-mail, e-mail attachments, website forums and message forums/blogs, online meeting software such as, Zoom, your own trading platforms, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), know how to download PDF documents and save them on your computer. Know how to send documents through e-mail, upload and download documents from message board and internet links.

Training Structure

There are Two Phases of Xccelerate Training Program™.

Phase one of the Xccelerate Training & Coaching Program™ are live online classes using the Zoom Platform that are 12 sessions over six (6) months (two trainings each month), however assignments for team members are done in between team trainings so there is much work to be done.

Phase Two is “Team Trading”.  Each mentee that has been learning and training for 6 months enter the live market trading together as a team with all of the other mentees.  A team leader will be assigned, and each mentee will have a private trading room they log into.  This is where they also join with other Xccelerate™ mentees. Team leaders oversee their traders, but all mentees act as one in trading the live markets.  

The idea here is, several highly trained and focused traders can find many opportunities and all benefit together. Done right, this works much better than a trader trying to figure it out by themselves. Imagine dozens or hundreds of highly trained traders all looking for specific opportunities for all traders to capitalize on. 

Frequently asked questions

Am I going to make money after taking the Xccelerate Training Program?

In trading and Investing, there are no guarantees that you, or anyone will make money. Not only is it illegal for someone to guarantee you will make money trading or investing, but that would be a lie and no one can guarantee success. However, there is a direct correlation to results and persistence in an organized, deliberate training program. So, if your efforts are persistent, that is your best indication of success!

What if I don’t like the Xccelerate Training Program™, can I get my money back?

We do give all traders the option to back out after the 1st training session, for a 100% money back refund, but after that, there will be no refunds. Truthfully, if a trader is asking this question as a way to get out of commitment, they really should not sign up. Remember Commitment? We want traders that will “Put their hand to the plow and not look back”. To truly succeed, a trader must have the mindset of success, not a failure mindset. We understand why people want a money back guarantee, but for this especially important training, you the trader, need step out in commitment. We realize emergencies happen and on a case by case basis, we will work with the trader to reschedule their training if it is necessary.

Is your training certified or accredited?

No, Xccelerate is not a university course or certification class for industry credit. It is a private training & coaching program used to develop trading skills.

Does Trader Tactics offer payment plans for Xccelerate™?

No, not at this time. When it comes to trading, no trader should risk money they cannot afford to lose. Scared money doesn’t win. A big part of our training is being financially stable, so you are not trading scared. If you cannot afford our training, we suggest save up the money and purchase it when you are more financially stable. In the mean time, please consider our other courses that are also a great value and helpful.

What is my investment for the Xccelerate Training Program™?

Phase 1: Training (5-6 months) - $14,000 for a minumum of 12 sessions, approximalty 2-3 sessions per month depending on calendar availablilty. Phase 2: Skill Development with Live Trading (3 months) - $4,500, 3 live trading sessions, review & analysis during live market hours and 3 "office hours" trading de-brief. These are all scheduled in advanced and are one-on-one. Total Xccelerate Training Program (10 months): $18,500

How do I sign up for the next Xccelerate Training Program™?

Each trader must first be qualified. Fill out the application form below for approval of our next training. If approved, we will inform you how to purchase to training.

How often is the Xccelerate Training Program™ offered?

Once per month if you qualify, see pre-requisits. We keep the classes very small on purpose to give the trader more time with the trainer. Each class has a maximum of 5 mentees.

Xccelerate Training Program™ 
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